2018 China international white oil innovation and development BBS

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From September 18 to September 20, 2018, "China international white oil innovation and development BBS 2018" hosted by Jinlianchuang network technology co., ltd. was held in the beautiful mountain city of chongqing.

Participants from all over the country, oil refining enterprises, traders and downstream enterprises and other industry elites gathered together, thinking about the future, industry information resources exchange and sharing.BBS invited yao, director of sinopec fushun petrochemical research institute and other industry experts to analyze and explain the application field of white oil and its future development trend.

Through this study, we learned that many refining units are constantly upgrading and refining with the demand and transparency of the market, which have higher requirements and high standards for product quality.

Hengrun petrochemical products are from China petroleum, China petrochemical, cnooc and other large state-owned petrochemical enterprises, the quality is stable and reliable, quality by the majority of customers trust praise, get a good reputation. In spite of this, hengrun petrochemical company has always been concerned about the latest trends and development of the petrochemical industry, constantly developing new products, new markets, new areas, has been in the forefront of the industry, innovation and reform, optimize product series, find new resources, improve market share. Adhering to the mission of "prosper sifang, moisten the world", the company is responsible for every drop of oil, has been committed to providing customers with better service.

Hengrun petrochemical company has developed so far, which is the result of our team's continuous efforts. In the development process of the company, only when we understand our competitors and ourselves, learn from each other, constantly learn and innovate, and surpass our competitors, can we remain invincible in the brutal market competition.

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