2018 annual working meeting of the lubricating oil

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On November 3, the "2018 annual working meeting of the lubricating oil branch of the oil industry chamber of commerce under the all-china federation of industry and commerce" was successfully held in xiamen. The general manager of xiamen hengrun petrochemical co., LTD. Bingyuan Xu, on behalf of the company attended the meeting.

General Manager bingyuan Xu and other delegates and secretary general of the association (from left to right)


The meeting around the current situation of the development of oil industry, focusing on hot issue market, combining with the current situation and the economic development of our country, the world trade for all delegates to clear the oil market, the future development direction, established the private oil enterprise face. The Times confidence in the industry development, to further speed up the old and new active transformation, promote the healthy and orderly development of petrochemical industry has very important significance.

Based on the discussion at the meeting and a general survey of the current domestic economic situation, private enterprises, in order to achieve sustainable and steady development, need their own "hard" strength in the final analysis, in addition to macro policies and international environmental impact, in order to be invincible in The Times. Hengrun petrochemical company after more than ten years of commercial precipitation, close to market demand, the company's products throughout the domestic and foreign markets. The company's main products are widely used in rubber processing, adhesive production, food packaging, cosmetics production, chemical fiber textile, industrial lubrication and other industries and fields.

Hengrun petrochemical company has never forgotten the original intention, adhering to the "every drop of oil is responsible" quality management concept, deeply rooted in the petrochemical industry, the pace of steady and solid, constant reform and innovation, help more customers to create their own brand and products, promote the sustainable and benign development of the industry.  
Hengrun petrochemical company participates in China international white oil innovation and development BBS

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