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The product takes karamay Sinkiang low condensate naphthenic crude oil as the raw material, adopts the atmospheric vacuum distillation to cut out the appropriate fraction, refines and produces the ultimate aim product via the high pressure hydrogenation device.

  • Product Feature
  • Consideration
  • Main Application
  • Lower pour point and excellent low temperature fluidity, free of any coagulant

    Low residual aromatic hydrocarbons, high naphthenic hydrocarbon content and appropriate solubility

    Stable carbon skeleton, reasonable hydrocarbon composition

    Deeply refined, good intermiscibility with rubber.

  • All containers, pipes and pumps that contacted with oil should be kept super clean, avoid mixing with any other oil products or impurities.

    Storage & Preservation: It must be placed in cool and ventilated place. Insolation and moisture are prohibited.

  • Mainly used for the processing of rubber products with low requirement for photothermal stability. Suitable for filling and processing oil of light color rubber products such as ethylene-propylene rubber, styrene rubber, chloroprene rubber and natural rubber.

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