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The product takes the atomospheric vacuum distillate oil as raw material, and produces the ultimate aim product through the integrated process of solvent refining, dewaxing and deasphalting, bleaching or hydrogenating supplement and high pressure hydrogenation.

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  • 150 BS Bright Oil:

    Low pour point and excellent low temperature fluidity, without any additives.

    High viscosity, high flash point and high viscosity index.

    Stable carbon skeleton, reasonable hydrocarbon composition.

    Deeply refined, good solubility.

    60 N :

    Deep hydrogenation product, high saturated hydrocarbon content, extremely low aromatic hydrocarbon and harmful impurity content.

    Good low temperature fluidity and electrical insulation.

    Good oxidation stability, excellent water separation and anti - emulsification performance.

    150 N:

    Deep hydrogenation product, high saturated hydrocarbon content, extremely low content of aromatic hydrocarbons and harmful impurities

    High viscosity index, excellent low temperature fluidity and antioxidant stability

    Good anti-yellowing and environmental protection performance

  • All containers, pipes and pumps that contacted with oil should be kept super clean, avoid mixing with any other oil products or impurities.

    Storage & Preservation: It must be placed in cool and ventilated place. Insolation and moisture are prohibited.

  • 60N is mainly used for producing lubricant including industrial oil, sewing machine oil, automotive gas oil, cable oil and so on, it also applicable to TPR shoes and TPE.

    150N is mainly used in industrial oil, automotive gas oil, special process oil and all kinds of lubricating oil, TPR sole material and TPE.

    150BS Bright oil is an ideal blend composition of various lubricants. Also suitable to a few rubber products with special requirements, such as automobile seals.

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