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The product takes the low condensate naphthenic crude oil as raw material, adopts atmospheric and vacuum distillation to cut out the appropriate fractions, and then produces the ultimate aim product through the combination process of three-stage high-pressure hydrogenation and aromatic saturation hydrogenation.

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  • The content of aromatic hydrocarbons is extremely low, and the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are completely removed. The PCA content is in line with the European Union's environmental and health standards, which is safe and environmentally friendly

    The product is rich in saturated circular carbon chain molecular structure, difficult to penetrate into the skin

    Deeply refined, non-toxic and harmless, colorless and tasteless, with excellent photothermal stability

    Low pour point and excellent low temperature fluidity, free of any coagulant, belong to the highly refined pure natural petroleum components

    Stable carbon skeleton, reasonable hydrocarbon composition

    High naphthenic hydrocarbon content and good solubility and yellow resistance

  • All containers, pipes and pumps that contacted with oil should be kept super clean, avoid mixing with any other oil products or impurities.

    Storage & Preservation: It must be placed in cool and ventilated place. Insulation and moisture are prohibited.

  • 15#/26#/100# Mainly used as: Cosmetic industrial raw material, basic oil of ointment and softener, such as: hair cream, hair oil, lipstick, face oil, body oil, suntan oil, baby oil, cold cream. The processing oil of high grade rubber plastic products that in close contact with people (Thermoplastic elastomer: TPE, SEB, SEBS, TPU, TPV), The blend and production of lubricant and grease.

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