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KN series products use karamay Sinkiang low condensate naphthenic base crude oil as raw material, after atmospheric and vacuum distillation cut out appropriate fractions, via three sections of high pressure hydrogenation process. All of these make the product contains higher cycloparafin hydrocarbon content, extremely small aromatics content, color achieves over saybolt color number + 30. It is idea for rubber products in high request for color and adhesive products.


Product Feature

Low pour point and excellent low temperature fluidity, free of any coagulant

Low aromatic residual, high naphthenic content and good solubility

Stable carbon skeleton, reasonable hydrocarbon composition

Deeply refined, good solubility with rubber

Analysis ItemsQuality IndexTypical DateTest Method
AppearanceCrystal ClearCrystal ClearVisual Test
Seibert Color+30+30GB/T3555
Kinematic Viscosity(40℃),mm2/sReport172.9GB/T265
Kinematic Viscosity(100℃),mm2/s9.0~11.010.51GB/T265
Density (20℃),kg/m3Report901.4GB/T1884
Flash Point,(Opening),℃ ≮200218GB/T3536
Pour Point,℃ ≯-15-21GB/T3535
Carbon Type Analysis% CA≯10SH/T0725
Carbon Type Analysis% CN≮4052.1SH/T0725
Carbon Type Analysis% CPReport47.9SH/T0725
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