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The product takes crude oil as raw material, adopts atmospheric and vacuum distillation to cut out the appropriate fraction, via the high pressure hydrogenation combination process to produce the ultimate aim product.

Product Feature

Deep hydrogenation refined white oil, with extremely low smell

Low viscosity, excellent low temperature fluidity, high saturated hydrocarbon content, extremely low aromatic hydrocarbon content

Excellent water separation, electrical insulation and oxidation resistance

Good environmental performance

Product Consideration

All containers, pipes and pumps that contacted with oil should be kept super clean, avoid mixing with any other oil products or impurities.

Storage & Preservation:It must be placed in cool and ventilated place. Insulation and moisture are prohibited.

Analysis ItemsQuality IndexTypical DateTest Method
AppearanceColorless, Odorless, Transparent oily liquidColorless, Odorless, Transparent oily liquidVisual Test
Seibert Color+30+30GB/T 3555
Kinematic Viscosity(40℃),mm2/s≯2.88GB/T 265
Density(20℃),kg/m3≯840821.6GB/T 1884
Pour Point ℃-30GB/T 3535
Flash Point(Opening),℃100100GB/T 3536
Water%NoneNoneGB/T 260
Mechanical Impurities,%NoneNoneGB/T511
Water-Soluble Acid & Or AlkaliNoneNoneGB/T259
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